CMSC 33231-1: Human-Computer Interaction and Neuroscience
(Seminar: Topics in Human Computer Interaction)

Schedule (Syllabus)

Week  Date
(slides available here)
1 Jan 11 Intersecting HCI and other disciplines
1 Jan 13 Intersecting HCI and Neuroscience
2 Jan 18 Results of Brainstorming and Crash Course on Neurons
2 Jan 20 Chemical Senses [discussion led by Jas Brooks]
3 Jan 25 Temperature [discussion led by Alex Mazusrky]
3 Jan 27 Vestibular System [discussion led by Yudai Tanaka]
4 Feb 1 VR... what is realism? [discussion led by Romain Nith]
4 Feb 3 Time Perception [discussion led by Alan Shen]
5 Feb 8 Paper presentations (mid-term)
5 Feb 10 Neuroendocrinology [discussion led by Yujie Tao]
6 Feb 15 Guest Lecture by John Veillette on Sensorimotor Consciousness
6 Feb 17 Neuromodulation [discussion led by Wen Li]
7 Feb 22 Guest Lecture by Prof. Sliman Bensmaia on Touch/Proprioception/BionicHands
7 Feb 24 Guest Lecture by Prof. Peggy Mason and Yuri Sugano on Living without Somatosensation/Proprioception
8 Mar 1 Multisensory integration [discussion led by Shan-Yuan Teng]
8 Mar 3 Guest Lecture by Prof. David Freedman
9 Mar 8 Book Club Presentations
9 Mar 15 Final Paper Presentations