CMSC 33231-1: Human-Computer Interaction and Neuroscience
(Seminar: Topics in Human Computer Interaction)

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Class hours
Lectures happen on zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm–4:50pm.
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Published by Pedro Lopes on Jan 3 2022

Welcome to the Neuro x HCI class (see your inbox for your welcome email with instructions for the first week)
Published by Pedro Lopes on Jan 3 2022


In this class we examine the field of HCI using Neuroscience as a lens to generate ideas.

Expected workload

You will read and discuss papers every week (from both neuroscience and HCI). You will give presentations in class about selected topics and generate ideas for HCI projects/inventions that are rooted in neuroscience-ideas. Finally, you will crystalize one of these ideas in a four-page paper and 5 minute presentation. Moreover, if you are taking this class as an elective for grade (rather than pass/fail seminar) you will also instantiate one of these ideas as a project, which you present at the end of the class as a demo alongside the paper.


This is an advanced graduate level seminar that assumes expertise in HCI (e.g., especially in haptics and human actuation) and in basic neuroscience (e.g., sensory systems), while all of my other four classes can be taken without previous HCI know-how, this one is not recommended.

Class time and place

This class meets 2 times a week, as follows: (1): Tuesday at 15:30 (a 80 mins lecture) at JCL292; (2): Thursday at 15:30 (a 80 mins lecture) at JCL292;


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If you have a impariment of any kind please communicate it to the instructor and you will do the best to accomodate it, e.g., you will be provided with the suitable course materials.